More FTC Progress 6 January 2015 / Jacob Kauffmann / 0 Comments

Tramadol Visa With our first competition this Saturday, I decided to upload some more pictures of the FTC robots. The Team A robot is still under heavy development, so this post will again be focused on Team B.

Order Tramadol Overnight Online Near the beginning of the season, I installed LabView on our laptops and wired up the robot controllers. Computer Controller Team B built their robot’s base before they started focusing on the higher functions. Base-1 Base-2

Order Tramadol Next Day Shipping Over winter break, Brian took the bot home, and the team met at his house for several days. This is when the majority of the lift’s work was done. IMG_20141219_123921 IMG_20141219_154113 IMG_20141219_171108 IMG_20141219_174207 IMG_20141219_175914 IMG_20141219_175919 IMG_20141220_144027 IMG_20141220_165437 IMG_20141220_165447 IMG_20141222_113148 IMG_20141222_114532 IMG_20141222_114553 Now that the bot is nearing completion, the team has been working on final documentation, pit training, and driving practice.

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Stay tuned for a Team A update, and for the beginning of our FRC 2015 work!