Find The Cure

20 January 2021 / Lauren Killingsworth / 0 Comments

What is it? Find The Cure was a competition we made and held during covid time. Our mentor Dr. James Kreyling made all the game pieces and the challenges we had to do. We invited some nearby schools and teams to participate in the competition. Oakville high school had 1 robot at the competition. Mehlville high school had 3 robots at the competition and then we had Hancock high school come up with 1 robot for the competition. The competition ended up being a mix between FRC and FTC they could make a robot either way, but everyone did FRC-styled bots.

The challenge was pulling a chain and pressing a button. When pressing the button, the goal was to press it as many times as you could in the time frame you were given. There was a 60-second time in between each time you could press it so you couldn’t just sit there and hold the button or spam the button. By pulling the chain

Why did we do it?

We wanted to do this since covid was going on there were going to be no in-person FRC competitions. They were going to have an in-person FTC competition, but we didn’t want to lose rookie status by signing up for FTC when we wanted to have FRC rookie status. With these things going on we made the decision to make our own competition for people to come to. This is when we came up with the idea of the Find The Cure competition.

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