This Year’s Return: Robotics Club

This year has been hectic for a majority of the Robotics veterans, many who are juniors and seniors starting to take on more responsibilities in and out of the club. We’ve gone through a bit or reorganization and have focused a significant amount of our efforts on fundraising in a joint effort this Robotics club and Oakville’s Technology Students Association (TSA) club. A big priority for us was to make sure that the newer members wouldn’t be disadvantaged as us seniors will have to depart from the team once we graduate.

Our coach, Dr. Kreyling, had to consolidate all his classes and clubs into a single room. He runs most of the school’s PLTW engineering courses and oversees the robotic club, TSA, and Oakville Key Club, so it was fairly difficult to suddenly have less than half the space for everything. But some of our robotics members, including me, helped him compact everything that was needed into and room. Despite the ordeal we actually now have a great advantage just from how well organized everything is. Dr. Kreyling’s room is still quite large, although I wish there was a sink in here to wash our hands periodically.

For the fall season we now have new executive positions and team captains. Here’s the list.

President: Thomas Gleiforst
Vice-president: Alisa Lazareva
Secretary: Nicole Neher
Public relations: Hannah Jokuti
Media Specialist: Tommy Dong
Team 9328 Captain: Sheldon Salins
Co-captain: Joseph Baltz
Team 9612 Captain: Nick DeLucia
Co-captain: Nate Pruitt

With new and old executives and team members and a more organized club, the two teams have been working on their respective designs and robots. Expect new updates from both teams as well as some photos and videos from me about some of the stuff we’ve done this year.

Also, here’s a short video of a few of us working on a Robotics float for Oakville’s homecoming parade (you can skip the end where it stops being robotics related). Enjoy!