Catching up to the new season with 9328 team captain, Jake Walters!

It’s been awhile since our last post so we wanted to take this time to tell everyone how this year has been starting off. We started off this year with our first meeting on the 23rd of August, where we elected new executives and welcomed our new members. On theĀ 8th of September we learned our new theme for the game this year, which is called Rover Ruckus. This year its completely different than any other year and is the most complex it has been in a long time. The sponsorship and fundraising scene is also different as other years. We’ve planned for different levels of sponsorship based on how much is given. (Those levels will be finalized and posted onto this website later in the Month) Along with a new face to the Sponsorship’s, the teams have been looking into different Colleges and creating part lists for our existing partners to fulfill. In the end, we look to have a great year for Robotics and have a bright future. Till next time!