A New Season

We’re back! This website has been down a long time, so we’ve got a lot to to catch up on!

The biggest change this year is that we are under new management, with Dr. Jim Kreyling as our coach. This has definitely brought some changes to the club, especially with the organization of the club. We elected a president (Thomas Gleiforst) and a vice president (Sheldon Salins) as we always do, but this year they are not the team captains. We also elected 3 other executives to help the club run more smoothly. The positions are as follows:

President: Thomas Gleiforst
Vice President: Sheldon Salins
Secretary: Nicole Neher
Treasurer: Hannah Jokuti
Communications Officer: Caleb Roth
Team 9612 Captain: Lukas Shelp
Team 9612 Co-captain: Nick DeLucia
Team 9328 Captain: Alisa Lazareva
Team 9328 Co-captain: Max Buckel

There should be a post up about each team later today, and hopefully the website will be continuously updated from this point forward. We’re happy to be back on the web to share our progress with the world again, so we are trying to keep this updated for the rest of the year.