FTC 15-16 Teams

At our 9/23 meeting, we split the club up into two teams for the FTC. As of this post, the teams are as follows:

Team 9328
Jacob Kauffmann * (Captain)
Emily Francis
Jack Liu
Sheldon Salins
Michael Chenot
Max Buckel *
Justin Shotton
Katelyn Hopkins
Hannah Jokuti

Team 9612
Drake Follmer * (Captain)
Alisa Lazareva
Caleb Roth
Thomas Gleiforst
Lukas Shelp
Shane Murphy *

(This list was updated 13 December 2015.)

Members marked with the * symbol were in the club last year.

To create the teams, we assigned everyone a sequential number, then used a random number generator to pick numbers for each team. We then marked each name as a builder or programmer (based on each member’s reported interests) and made swaps until the teams were roughly equal in size and type.

Note that we are no longer using the “Team A/Team B” naming structure. To avoid negative connotations (and bad luck), we’re referring to the teams by their official FTC numbers this year.